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This brand is well known for its reasonable prices & lovely princessy packaging. Very popular with Koreans & Japanese. Directly imported from Korea, authenthicity is GUARANTEED.
Prices revised lower as of 2 sept 2009 :)
Full range is available for pre-order. Email us for pricing & items not featured here.

Pls refer to " Ready stocks" for updated availability:
Bubble O2 Cleanser
Magic Peeling Bubble
Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam
Good Bye Dark Circle Eye Patch
Green Tea Nose Pack
Speedy Total Mineral Base, SPF41PA++ (#1/#2)
Tear Drop Liner (White)
Aqua Sherbert 3 pc Boxed Travel Kit
(Aqua Sherbert Toner+Lotion, 25ml & Gel Cream, 5ml)
Peach Bloom Brush (Retractable Blusher Brush)
Etude Precious Mineral BB
(Sheer Glowing Skin / Sheer Silky Skin)
Etude Mineral BB Mini Tube (Sheer Glowing Skin)
Blackhead Final Kit
VIP Girl Special Lip Make Up Kit
(Dear Darling Lip Gloss PK006 1.2g, Peach Syrup Gloss #1 5g, Lipstick Base 3g)
Etude BB Magic Fresh Cool Mousse
All other items except the ones above are on pre-order.

Bubble O2 Cleanser

Baking powder to help penetrate into pores to remove stubborn dirt and deep cleanse.
Available in Cleansing Foam, Lotion, Cream, Powder Wash, Tissue

Gentle scrub cum cleanser helps to remove dead skin cells & unclogs pores for fresh radiant skin.
Available in 5 flavours: Nuts/Berry/Cereal/Black Food/Fruits

Magic Peeling Bubble, 120ml
Gentle yet effectively removes dead cells & reveals a softer, radiant skin

Good Bye Dark Circle Series -
Eye Cream w massage stick, 25ml
Eye Patch, 3.7g (Buy 10 get 1 free)

Black Head Series -
BH Bond Patch, 10 pcs / pack
BH Heating Scrub, 50g
BH Cleansing Foam, 150ml
BH Off Oil, 60ml
BH Eraser Stick, 5g
BH Roll On Spot, 7.5ml

BH Final Kit comprising of:
BH Remover, 60ml + BH Smoothing Cream, 15g
Comes with Toner and Cream to effectively remove Black & whitehead build up from deep within nasal pores. Final Kit is specially formulated to alleviate skin irritation and constrict pores for gentle relief.
Use both remover and tightening cream after cleansing.
Step 1: Using Blackhead Remover.
Dispense enough remover onto the cotton pad until wet and adhere pad to nose.
After 10 to 15mins, remove cotton pad and wipe off the raised blackheads gently.
Step 2: Using Pore Tightening Cream
After step 1, apply the cream to nose until fully absorbed by skin.
Use this to prevents enlargement of pores.

Magic Exfoliation Series -
Magic Bubble Peeling, 120ml
Magic Crystal Pack Peeling, 100g
Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling, 115ml

Happy Teatime Cleansers, 120ml
Green Tea, Clarifying/Oil Control
Aloe Tea, Soothing/Moisturizing
Peach Tea, Anti-oxidant/Whitening
Milk Tea, Moisturizing
Lemon Tea, Whitening/Vitamin C

Perfect Balance Series - (Combination Skin)
Ready Foam, 150ml
Setting Toner, 150ml
Finish Lotion, 150ml

Oil Cut Series - (Oily Skin)
Ready Foam, 150ml
Setting Toner, 150ml
Finish Lotion, 150ml

Moist Hold Series - (Dry Skin)
Ready Foam, 150ml
Setting Toner, 150ml
Finish Lotion, 150ml

Calming Mild Series - (Sensitive Skin)
Ready Foam, 150ml
Setting Toner, 150ml
Finish Lotion, 150ml

O2 Whitening Series-
Toner, 150ml,
Essence, 45ml
Lotion, 150ml
Spot, 15ml
Cream, 50ml
Mask, 100ml

Moistfull Hydration Series-
Peeling wash, 140ml
Mist, 50ml
Toner, 150ml
Lotion, 150ml
Essence, 40ml
Massage Mask, 130ml
Cream, 50ml

Pore Minimizing Series
Pore Diet Magic balm
Pore Diet Essence, 45ml

Aqua Sherbert Series -
Mist, 50ml
Ice Toner, 150ml
Skin Toner, 150ml
Serum, 45ml
Gel Cream, 50ml

AC Clinic Acne Series -
Foam Cleanser, 150ml
Toner, 150 ml
Gel Lotion, 150 ml
Pink Powder Spot, 15ml
Red Spot Balm, 20ml

Secret Time Revitalizing Series -
Essential Lotion, 150ml
Skin Booster, 150ml
Perfect Repair, 45ml
Recharge Cream, 50ml
Total Eye Balm, 20ml

Vital Firm Series -
Toner, 150ml
Lotion, 150ml
Massage Serum, 45ml
Lift Essence, 40ml

BB Series -

Precious Mineral BB Cream, SPF 30/PA++ **NEW**
(Shades: Sheer Glowing Skin / Sheer Silky Skin)
Precious Mineral BB Pact **NEW**
BB Magic, 35ml
BB Magic SPF 30/PA++, 35ml
BB Magic Mist, 50ml
BB Magic Balm, SPF 30/PA+++
BB Magic Pact, 15g
BB Magic Fresh Cool Mousse, SPF 30/PA++, 30g

**Top Seller**

Peach Pore Care Make Up Series
Pore smoothing peach base, 50ml (Mousse Lotion)
Pore erasing peach base, 25g (Cream)
(Peach/ Mint)
Pore tightening peach base, 70ml (Mousse)
Skin Pact, 12g

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VIP Girl Make Up Series
(Full Range Available)

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