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Every $80 purchase of LANEIGE items
Free LANEIGE Snow Renew Water Gift Pack (Comprising Balancing Emulsion 1 & Power Essential Skin Refiner Ex, 5ml bottle x 1 each)

Pls refer to " Ready stocks" for updated availability:
Waterbank Cool Cream, 50ml (limited edition, replaces Waterbank Hydrogel for summer season in Korea)
Stawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel, 150ml

Straberry Yogurt Pack
Water Sleeping Pack, 80ml

Pore Clearing Essence, 20ml **New**
Pore Tightening Essence, 40ml **New**
Pore Clear Cleansing Foam, 180ml
Foaming Cleanser, 180ml **New**
Power Essential Skin Refiner EX
Balancing Emulsion 2
Waterbank Essence EX, 60ml
Waterbank Cream 2 EX
White Plus Renew Essence, 40ml

White Plus Renew Skin Refiner, 120ml

White Plus Renew Emulsion, 120ml
White Plus Renew Night Cream, 50ml
Hydra Solution Eye Cream

Hydra Solution Essence, 40ml
Hydra Solution Cream, 50ml
Sunblock Oil-Free SPF35/PA++
Sunblock Aqua SPF35/PA++
Sunblock High Lasting SPF50+/PA+++
Sunblock Triple SPF40/PA++

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All other items except the ones above are on pre-order.

Available Now :

Foaming Cleanser



Gel based moisturiser. Has a nice pleasant cooling sensation when applied. It has comparable gel texture as the Laneige water sleeping pack and everything else remains the same as hydrogel.

Snow Crystal Dual Foundation [White Plus Renew] [30ml] 41/PA++ For all skin types * Including apple zone brighter (Retail: $55)

Shades: 13 True Beige , 21 Natural Beige, 23 Sand Beige, 31 Brown Beige

Product Benefits: Whitening and UV protectng dual foundation leaves skin bright and moist-soften creating flawless, radiant complexion. Unique apple zone brighter brightens eye area highlighting facial feature. Clear facial feature with cubic effect, a must have item for Asian women
Unique & effective multi functional foundation for a natural complexion with aqua luminant, apple zone brightening, whitening, UV protection and long lasting. Easily create younger looking baby skin with its 2 way anti darkening properties which brightens skin tone inside of skin and outer surface .

Sliding Pact_EX [White Plus Renew][12g] SPF35/PA++ For all skin types (retail: $52)

Shades: No. 1: Translucent Skin, No. 2: Bright Skin, No. 3: Lively Skin
Product Benefits
Unique & effective multi functional pact provides natural coverage & luminous pearlescent complexion. Excellent whitening cum long lasting UV protections
Compact, slick, modern sliding design, convenient for makeup and re-touch with mirror
Pure, matt, soft and luminant morning time makeup as it is
Complete whitening pact along with whitening skin care
Clear facial feature with cubic effect, must have item for Asian women

Laneige Sunblocks just launched in Sin

Sunblock Oil-Free SPF35/PA++

Refreshing sun care benefiting sebum control and pore care.
Oil-free formula gives matte touch w/o oily/shininess giving a light usage feeling
Silicon polymer ingredients hide pores and silky powder with excellent sebum absorptive power absorbs sebum, maintaining sleek and refreshing skin tone
Clove oil and herb extracts control sebum secretion and soothes skin tone, leaving skin feel clarified and healthy

Sunblock Triple SPF40/PA++
UV protection, anti-aging & skin tone corrector
3-in-1 multi sun care that protect skin against environmental factors
Contains Soybean Protein & Adenosine maintain skin age by protecting skin against photo-aging and maintaining skin elasticity
Ultra-fine shimmering pearl pigments portrays vivified & radiant, porcelain skin
Sunblock High Lasting SPF50+/PA+++
Powerful sun care best for outdoor activities.
Excellent UV block effect covering both UVA and UVB protects skin effectively even outdoors with high sun exposure
Utilizes AMOREPACIFIC’s newly-developed material for sun block allows UV blocking effect without white-residual appearance
Beta Glucan and enzyme extracts soothes and protects skin from UV rays.

Sunblock Aqua SPF35/PA++
Daily sun care replenishing long-lasting moisture.
Consistent supply of moisture into the skin that is easily exposed to the dry environment
Protects skin from UV rays, leaving the skin always feeling refreshed
Gives cool, lightened moisturizing sensation and finishes with refreshing touch

Available now, Laneige Sensitive Care Series.
(Not Launched in Sin)

Sensitive Gel Cleanser, 200ml
-Soap-free/fragrance-free/alcohol-free/color-free mild gel-type cleanser.
-Water lily extracts purify skin impurities, and olive extracts moisturize after wash.

Sensitive Skin Refiner, 120ml
- Fragrance-free/alcohol-free/color-free anti-stress toner that soothes sensitive skin.

- Butterfly bush extracts capture moisture to soothe redness-prone skin.

Sensitive Essence, 30ml
- Fragrance-free/alcohol-free/color-free boosting essence that strengthens weak skin barrier.

- Cellactor (rye sprout extract) strengthens skin’s self-protecting power by reinforcing skin moisture barrier.

Sensitive Emulsion, 120ml
- Fragrance-free/alcohol-free/color-free anti-stress moisturizing emulsion.

- Glycofilm forms thin protection film on the skin, protecting skin from pollutants, and keeping skin moisturized with its unique smooth texture.

Dual Enhancing Cream, 10ml (eye)+30ml (Uzone)
Eye Cream - Fragrance-free/alcohol-free/color-free hydro soothing eye cream.
- Chlorella extract stimulates blood circulation to brighten and soothe eye area (anti-shadows and anti-bags effect).

U-Zone Cream - Fragrance-free/alcohol-free/color-free anti-redness cream that effectively soothes and strengthens redness-prone U-zone.
- Contains butterfly bush extract that has strong survival power in extremely harsh environment and thyme extract that has been widely used as a healing herb from the ancient time, it functions to relieve irritation and soothes the redness-prone skin.

Sensitive UV Protector, SPF 31/PA++, 35ml
- Fragrance-free/alcohol-free/color-free/chemical filter-free mild sun-block cream that protects skin from UV rays.
- Powder-type chemical filter-free system was used for strong UV diffusion effect that realizes more even UV blocking. Water-resistant.

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Basic Care Series -

Power Essential Skin Refiner EX, 160ml
Balancing Emulsion 1_EX (Dry Skin), 120ml
Balancing Emulsion 2_EX (Dry-Combination Skin),120ml
Balancing Emulsion 3_EX (Combination-Oily Skin), 120ml

Water Bank Series-
Essence EX, 60ml (Retail Price:$70)(Pls note Korea's formulation comes with "EX")

Cream 1/2 EX, 50 ml (Retail Price: $54) (Pls note Korea's formulation comes with "EX")
Hydro Gel, 50ml

Water Sleeping Pack (Retail Price: $45) (Pls note Korea's formulation comes without the "plus")
Our Price: $28

Star White Series - (DISCONTINUED & replaced by the new White Plus Renew Series)
Essence, 50ml (Retail Price: $81)
Eye Spot, 15ml (Retail Price: $70)
Multi-Protector SPF40 /PA+++, 70ml (Retail Price: $44)
Refiner, 160ml(Retail Price: $45)
Emulsion, 120ml (Retail Price: $52)
Cream, 50ml

White Plus Renew Series - **NEW**
Skin Refiner (Not Launched in Sin)

Emulsion (Not Launched in Sin),
Essence, 40ml (Retail Price: $83)
Night Cream, 50ml (Retail Price: $68)
Renew Eye Mate (new)
Eye treatment 20ml + 4 eyemask sheets

Sensitive Care Series - (Not Launched in Sin)
Gel Cleanser, 200ml
Skin Refiner, 120ml
Emulsion, 120ml
Essence, 30ml
Dual Enhancing Cream, 10ml (eye)+30ml (Uzone)
UV Protector, SPF 31/PA++, 35ml

Hydra Solution Series -
Activator, 30 ml (Retail Price: $58)
Essence, 40ml (Retail Price: $83)
Cream, 50ml (Retail Price: $68)
Eye Cream, 25ml

Perfect Renew Series -
Emulsion, 100ml
Refiner, 120ml
Essence, 40ml
Cream, 50ml
Dual Touch Eyes, 2 x 15ml
Sleeping Treatment, 40ml + 10g

Pore Care Series -
Pore Clear Cleansing Foam, 180ml (Retail: $38)
Pore Trouble Skin Refiner, 160ml (Retail: $42)
Pore Trouble Emulsion, 120ml (Retail: $49)
Pore Clearing Essence, 20 ml
Pore Tightening Essence, 40 ml **New**
Pore Clear Wash Off Pack, 120ml (Retail: $40)

Suncare Series - (**New in Sin**)
SunBlock Oil Free SPF35/PA++ 70ml
SunBlock Aqua SPF35/PA++ 70ml
SunBlock Triple SPF40/PA++ 70ml
SunBlock High Lasting SPF50/PA++ 70ml

Make-Up Removers -
Eye and Lip Cleanser, 150ml
Eye and Lip Cleanser (Waterproof), 150ml
Moisturizing Cleansing Oil, 175ml
Refreshing Cleansing Oil, 175ml
Multi Cleanser, 180ml

Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel, (Retail Price: $42)
Strawberry Yogurt Pack, 80ml

Snow Crystal Dual Foundation
, 30ml SPF22/PA+
#13 True Beige, #21 Natural Beige, #23 Sand Beige, #31 Brown Beige, #33 Deep Beige (Retail Price: $55)
Snow Crystal Dual Base, 30ml SPF22/PA+
(Pls request for prices for all other make up items. Full range is available for pre-orders)

Homme Collection

Basic Aqua Series:
Homme Fresh Cleansing Foam, 180ml
Homme Refresh Skin, 130ml
Homme Balancing Lotion, 100ml
Homme Aqua Active Essence, 50ml
Homme Aqua Active Sleeping Pack, 100ml

White Active Series:
Homme White Active Skin, 130ml
Homme White Active Emulsion, 100ml

Anti Trouble Series:
Homme Sebum Free Scrub Foam, 180ml
Homme Sebum Free Multi Fluid, 110ml
Homme Anti-Trouble Multi Fluid, 110ml

Homme Sunblock Mild, SPF35/PA++ 60ml
Homme Sunblock Lotion, SPF50/PA++ 60ml
Homme Sunblock Leports, SPF50/PA++ 60ml

Cool Sports series:
Homme Cool Sports Skin, 110ml
Homme Cool Sports Lotion, 110ml

Pls email us at for other products not listed. We import alot of products and it is too comprehensive to list all. Thank you for your understanding ;)

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