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Home Spa Mask (Wash Off)

product details: http://www.skin79.com.hk/SKIN79-PACK_MASK.php
Oxygen Detoxifying (Ready Stocks)
Seaweed Cooling
Rose Moisture
Lemon Brightening


Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream, SPF 37 PA++

Ready stocks for new diamond collection range
Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream, SPF 37 PA++
(Tube Form, 40g)
product details: http://www.skin79.com.hk/SKN79-00156.php

Diamond Crystal Pearl BB Cream, 35g

Diamond UV Perfect BB Pact, SPF 30 PA++
product details: http://www.skin79.com.hk/SKN79-00154.php

Diamond Perfect Cover BB Concealer
product details: http://www.skin79.com.hk/SKN79-00153.php


Diamond All Day Sun Powder

Product details: http://www.skin79.com.hk/SKN79-00152.php


Diamond Moisture Lip Colour (Diamond Pink)

Summer Collection (Hot Pink) BB Cream, 40g
Ready Stocks
Suits normal, combi - oily skin

Super+ VIP Gold Label BB, 40g
Ready Stocks
Suits dry-combi skin

Summer Collection (Hot Pink)
Shiny Pearl Water Drop BB, 43.5g (Oil Free)
Suits most skin types

Dream Girls BB, 43.5g
SPF30 PA++, Troubled Care BB
Suits most skin types

Prestige BB Cream (Diamond Collection), 40g
SPF 25 PA++

Suits most skin types

Luminous Pearl BB w brush applicator (Diamond Collection), 20ml
Contains pearl powder for glowing dewy look
Suits most skin type

Perfect Cover BB (Diamond Collection), 10g

BB Concealer for dark circles

SKIN79 BB Gift Set

Set of 4 sample tubes (5g each):
1) Super+ BB (Hot Pink Collection)
2) Super+ BB (VIP Gold Label)
3) Diamond Lumious Pearl BB (Diamond Collection)
Choose one of the following:
4) Prestige BB (Diamond Collection) OR
4) Oriental BB Cream

The Oriental Collection BB Series
This series contains powerful antioxidants from triple tea source: white, black & green tea to combact harmful sun rays & slows down visible signs of aging.

The Oriental BB Premium, 40g
SPF25 PA++, Whitening & Wrinkle Free

Comes w rouge for cheeks & lips

2) The Oriental Gold Bb Cream [Tube]
SPF25 PA++, 45g
Without rouge

The Oriental Shimmering BB w brush applicator
For dewy, glowing look

The Oriental Perfect Cover BB, 10g
BB concealer for dark circles (Ready Stocks)

BB Pact
Sun Protect BB Pact (Hot Pink Collection), SPF30 PA++

UV Screen BB Pact (Diamond Collection) , SPF 22 PA++

Smooth Sun BB Pact (The Oriental Collection), SP25 PA++
Perfect UV Protect SPF 50+ PA+++, 43.5 g
Powerful UVA & UVB Sunblock with high spf
Sebum Control & Pore care effect

Milk Shine Sun Protect SPF 35 PA++, 43.5g
(oil Free)

Sun Protection Balm SPF 50+ PA+++, 10g


A.C Clinic Solution
Intensive healing solution strengthens skin's vitality & protects skin from harmful environment
Core ingredients: Phyto Pure Complex, mushroom extracts, papain enzymes

Anti Trouble Skin Toner, 125ml
(Fragrance/colouring free)

Anti Trouble Skin Lotion, 125ml
(Oil/fragrance/colouring/alcohol free)

Anti Trouble Spot Gel, 15ml
(oil/colouring/fragrance free)

Anti Trouble Spot Renewal Corrector 15ml
(Oil/ alcohol/ fragrance/ colouring free)

Sue Hydrating Fluid 120ml
Toner+Emulsion+Essence (Triple Function)

Sue Hydrating Toner 150ml

Sue Hydrating Emulsion 150ml

Sue Hydrating Gel 50ml
Oil Free (ready stocks)
VIP Gold Collection Caviar Series

Caviar Essential Fluid 130ml
All in one fluid replaces toner, emulsion & essence
Use this & moisturizer completes skincare regime

VIP Gold Collection
Caviar Multi Action Cream 50ml
Whitening, Anti Aging & Moisturizing

The Oriental Collection
This series contains powerful antioxidants from triple tea source: white, black & green tea to combact harmful sun rays & slows down visible signs of aging.

Total Power Cream 45g
Firming & lifting effect
Lifting Eye Controller 15ml, READY STOCKS
Contains adenosine & caviar extracts to smoothe visible lines around eyes & lips
product details: http://www.skin79.com.hk/SKN79-00139.php

Double Effect Eye Solution 20 ml
Suitable for sensitive eyes
Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Effect

Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum 20ml
Anti Wrinkle, Anti Fatigue
Extra Firming

Pore Capture Essence 30ml

AC Spot Solution Recovery Complex

Blemish Correction Cream 15ml

Sue Hydrating Coenzyme Q10 Cream 50ml
Ready Stocks
Contains potent antioixdant CoQ10 to combact visible signs of aging
White Moisture Cream 50ml
For translucent clear skin

Crystal Peeling Gel 100ml
All Skin Types
Removes impurities & dead cells
Improves quality of skin texture
Prepares for better absorption of skincare

Sweet Honey Sugar Scrub 100g
Ready Stocks
Helps to remove dead cells & improves skin's renewal process.
Core ingredients: black sugar, honey, jojoba oil, Vit E, Lavender & Chamomile Water

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