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Aromatic Ear Candles

Stress relieve in the comfort your own premises. Helps to removes toxins to acheive clearer complexion, amidst a host of other health benefits.

$3.50 / pair

High Quality: 100% Organic Materials + Pure Essential oil
(Hygienically package with usage manual)

Not to be confused with cheaper replicas in the market. This has longer burning time & better absorption of toxins :)

See the ear YUCKIES after using:


*Romantic rose - rose pink color*

Moisturizes, whitening, anti-anging, anti-melancholy, Mood : Joy & Romance

* Sandalwood - coffee color* (OOS)
Moisturizes, softens skin, eliminates wrinkles & nourishes the skin, increases skin elasticity, eliminates stress. Mood: Calming

* Lavender - purple*
Releases stress & calms the nerves. Mood: Peace

*Peppermint - white*
Helps eliminates acne, contracts pores, to stimulate the brain, comforts the mood & relieves fatigue. Mood: Awakening

* Mild Rosemary - blue* (OOS)
Relieves discomfort due to fatigue & stress. Mood: Dreamy

* Warm Orange - orange*
Helps eliminate nervousness, agitation & pressure. Mood: Calming

* Tea Plant – Green*
Herbal therapy to contract pores & relieves pressure. Mood: Uplifting

*Peach- new* (OOS)
Has combined properties of peppermint and lavender

Detailed Product Description:
1. Lie down on one side on the pillow.
2. Massage the ear area, to relax the nerve system.
3. Light up the longer end (cone opening) and place the shorter end gently into the outer ear passage.
4. When ear candles reaches about a 1-1.5 inches above black marking, extinguish in a cup of water.

Effectiveness of Ear Candling
Relieve your stress and find your inner peace through our ear candling treatment.
It is effective in reducing earache, itchiness of ears, headache, migraine,
ear noise, stress and nervous tension.
You will be definitely amazed by the face lift effect and a freer nasal breathing and improved sense of smell, even when the nose was blocked before the treatment.
Most important of all, it will invoke your inner peace and bring along a sense of well-being.

Please read carefully the usage in the package before you start.
It is advisable to be used by another person on you.
(Do not do it by yourself)
It is also normal that the colouring on the ear candles might not be evenly distributed due to the nature of bees wax and use of pure essential oils. It does not affect the efficacy of the product in anyway :)

Keep out of reach under 15 years of age, expectant mothers, over-sensitive for wax and beeswax, Ear diseases & thyroid issues, please do not use.

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