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**READY STOCKS for the following products only. Limited quantity.**

Ready Stocks REPLENISHED on 18/11, grab fast :)
OOS = sold out (Updated as at 18/11)

Hand Bouquet - Rich Butter Hand Cream
Hand Bouquet - Rich Butter Hand Mask
Sleeping Pack - Brightening
Sleeping Pack - Moisturising
Good Bye Dark Circle Eye Patch
Charcoal Chin Patch (OOS)
Green Tea Nose Patch (OOS)
Collagen Eye Patch
Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam
Aqua Sherbert Mask Sheets
O2 White Mask Sheets (OOS)
Magic Soothing Mask Sheets (OOS)
Speedy Total Mineral Base, SPF41PA++ (#1, #2)
Mascara Remover
02 Bubble Cleanser *new*
Tear Drop Liner (White)
Tea Time Cleansers - Milk Tea(OOS)
Aqua Sherbert 3 pc Boxed Travel Kit (OOS)
(Aqua Sherbert Toner+Lotion, 25ml & Gel Cream, 5ml)
Etude Mineral BB (Sheer Glowing Skin / Sheer Silky Skin)
Etude Mineral BB Mini Tube (Sheer Glowing Skin)(OOS)
Fresh Cool Mousse (OOS)
Blackhead Final Kit
Magic Peeling Bubble
VIP Girl Special Lip Make Up Kit (OOS)
(Dear Darling Lip Gloss PK006 1.2g, Peach Syrup Gloss #1 5g, Lipstick Base 3g)
Peach Bloom Brush (Retractable Blusher Brush) (OOS)

Egg White Pack (Peel off for nose, forehead & chin) **New**
Black Garlic Toner **New**(OOS)
Black Garlic Emulsion **New** (OOS)
Coffee Body Scrub (OOS)
Buckwheat Loose Powder #21/#23
Milk Shake Point Make Up Remover
Aloe Bubble Foam
Tea Tree Bubble Foam
Honey Black Tea Bubble Foam
Pineapple Peeling Gel
Tea Tree Cleansing Foam
Aloe Foaming Cleanser
Peach Sake Pore BB Cream SPF 20 PA++ #1 or #2
Aloe BB Cream #1 or #2
Agave Sun BB Cream #1 or #2
Rice Mask (Wash off)
Cucumber Mask (Wash off)
Black Sugar Mask (Wash off)
Fresh Aloe Pack (Wash off)
Black Sesame Hot Mask (Wash off)
Black Sugar Scrub Foam
Egg Hair Mask
Salmon Brightening Eye Patch
Salmon Brightening Eye Serum
Pomegranate Whitening Sleeping Mask
Peach Sake Toner (OOS)
Peach Sake Emulsion
Peach Sake Serum (OOS)
Peach Sake Ice Mist
Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder
Lettuce Cucumber Matte Finish Gel
Lettuce & Cucumber Emulsion
Lettuce & Cucumber Toner
Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence
Tea Tree Toner (OOS)
Tea Tree Emulsion
Tea Tree Essence
Avocado Rich Toner
Avocado Rich Emulsion
Tomato Wrinkle Sun Cream
Tomato Whitening Toner
Tomato Whitening Emulsion
Carrot Collage Eye Patch
Fresh Juice Toner
Fresh Juice Emulsion
Fresh Juice E Serum
Fresh Juice C Serum
Grapeseed Anti wrinkle Neck Cream (OOS)
Parsley & Mandarin Spot Gel
Black Bean Nose Pack
Peach Sake Essence Mask Sheet (OOS)
Lettuce & Cucumber Mask Sheet (OOS)
Cucumber Mask Sheet (OOS)

(Will be sent out within 1-3 working upon receipt of payment)

Eco Therapy BB Cream, SPF20 PA++
Hydro Splash BB SPF20, PA++ (OOS)
Marine Stem Cell BB Cream, SPF 30 PA++
Flebeaute White Crystal BB Cream, SPF 35 PA++
Pure Berry Clear BB, SPF20 PA++
Pure Blossom Shimmering BB, SPF15PA+
Flebeaute Collagenic Loose Powder
Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Foam
Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Lotion
Smart Peeling - White Jewel (OOS)
Black Head EX Cleansing Foam
Black Head EX Nose Clay Mask (Peel off)
Eco Therapy Extreme Moisture Miniature Set
(Toner + Daily Moisturizer - 20ml each)
Flebeaute White Crystal Miniature Set
(Toner, Emulsion, Diamond Peeling - 20ml each)
Raspberry Slim & Lift Sleeping Mask
Raspberry Slim & Lift Collagen Eye Patch (OOS)

Moisture Tuning Source, 40ml "SALE"
Rojukiss 5ml Trial Bottles: $5 each
Pore Tightening Source (OOS)
Daily Soft Peeling Source (OOS)
Two Way Whitening Source
Moisture Tuning Source (OOS)
(Will be sent out within 1-3 working upon receipt of payment)

Hanskin WaterAction BB, 43.5g (OOS)
Hanskin Control Skin BB, 30ml
Hanskin Super Magic BB, 30ml (OOS)
Super Magic BB Mini Tube, 10ml (OOS)
Relaxing Mask Sheet
O2 Sherbert Cleanser *Promo*
Blemish Cover, 10ml (OOS)
Hanskin Glossy BB, 35ml (OOS)
Hanskin Caviar BB, 35ml *Promo*
Will be sent out within 1-3 working upon receipt of payment)

Waterbank Cool Cream, 50ml (OOS)
Power Essential Skin Refiner EX
Balancing Emulsion 1
Balancing Emulsion 2
Foaming Cleanser **New**
Pore Clearing Essence, 20ml **New** (OOS)
Pore Clear Cleansing Foam
Hydra Solution Eye Cream
Hydra Solution Essence, 40ml
Hydra Solution Cream, 50ml
White Plus Renew Essence (OOS)
White Plus Renew Night Cream
White Plus Renew Skin Refiner
White Plus Renew Emulsion (OOS)
Stawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel, 150ml (OOS)
Strawberry Yogurt Pack
Water Sleeping Pack, 80ml (OOS)
Waterbank Essence EX, 60ml (OOS)
Waterbank Cream 2 EX (OOS)
Eye Designer Cream
Sunblock Oil-Free SPF35/PA++ (OOS)
Sunblock Aqua SPF35/PA++
Sunblock High Lasting SPF50+/PA+++
Sunblock Triple SPF40/PA++
(Will be sent out within 1-3 working upon receipt of payment)

Silver Label, 50ml (OOS)
Black Label, 50ml (OOS)

Mineral Skin BB, SPF40 PA++, 40ml
Mineral Skin BB Sample sachets @ $3 each
Marbling Blusher #1, Pink
Trouble Care BB, SPF27 PA++
Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam
Apple Juicy Brightening Peeling Gel *New*
Whitening Effect Stretch Mask Sheet

Oxygen Detoxifying Mask
Diamond Absolute BB Tube, 40ml *New* (OOS)
Diamond Crystal Pearl BB, 35g *New*
Diamond UV Perfect BB Pact, SPF 30 PA++ (OOS)
Diamond Perfect Cover BB Concealer (OOS)
Diamond All Day Sun Powder, SPF30 PA++ *New* (OOS)
Diamond Moisture Lip Colour (Diamond Pink)(OOS)
Summer Collection Hot Pink BB Cream, 40g
VIP Gold Label BB Cream, 40g
Smooth Sun BB Pact (The Oriental Collection), SP25 PA++(OOS)
The Oriental Lifting Eye Controller (OOS)
Sue Hydrating Toner (OOS)
Sue Hydrating Gel
Sue Hydrating CoQ10 Cream
Sweet Honey Sugar Scrub
Skin79 BB Mini Tubes (5ml each) :
1) Super+ BB (Hot Pink Collection) (OOS)
2) Super+ BB (VIP Gold Label) (OOS)
3) Gold BB Cream (The Oriental Collection)(OOS)
4) Prestige BB (Diamond Collection) (OOS)
The Oriental Collection Sample Sachets:
1) Gold BB Cream (OOS)
2) Shimmering BB (OOS)
New Diamond Collection BB Sample Sachets :
1)Absolute Total BB Cream SPF 37 PA++
2)Diamond Crystal Pearl BB Cream
Skin79 BB Gift Set (OOS)

Super Aqua Detox Oxygen Mask (OOS)
M Perfect Cover BB, SPF42PA++ (30ml/50ml)
M Watery BB
Firming Eye Patch
Nose Pore Clearing Patch


Innisfree Mineral BB sachet : $3 / sachet
BB Cream SPF40 PA++, 40ml
(sample sachet @ $3 each in shade #1)

**New**Hanskin Water Action BB Sachet **New**
(whitening, hydrating, SPF 27 PA++) Natural - Mid coverage. Suits dry to combi/oily skin type.Tiny droplets of water will form upon application of BB but quickly disappears as it is absorbed by the skin.

Hanskin Gold Caviar BB Sachet
(whitening, anti-aging, SPF21) Natural - high coverage. Suits dry to combi skin type.

Hanskin Premium Magic BB Sachet
(whitening, anti-aging, SPF 15) Natural - mid coverage. Suits normal to combi/oily skin type.

Hanskin Glossy Magic BB Sachet
(whitening, anti-aging, SPF21) Natural - mid coverage. Suits dry to combi skin
type. Choose this if u want a dewy, glowing look.
Also available in 10ml mini tube @ $10 each

Hanskin Super Magic BB Sachet
(whitening, anti-aging, SPF30) Mid - high coverage. Suits normal to combi/oily skin type.
The above are guidelines only. The magical thing abt BB cream is that it reacts differently to individual skin :)

Magic BB Night Cream Sachet
Hydrating Night Cream

Perfect Cover BB, SPF 42/PA+++ (#21, #23), 30ml/50ml
sample sachets available for shades #23

Perfect Cover BB #21 / #23
High Coverage, good oil control. Suits dry-combi oily

(Ready stocks: Laneige Sleeping Pack/ Hydra Solution Essence/Strawberry Peeling Gel, Rojukiss Moisture Tuning Source )

**Hot Seller**
Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel, 150ml, $28 each

Laneige Hydra Solution Essence, 40 ml

Rojukiss, Moisture Tuning Source, 30ml

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